Marks of Art  is San Jose's foremost professional tattoo studio. We have been in business for over 20 years now. We are known by our customers to be the cleanest and most friendly shops in the San Jose area. Our studio has a reputation for being on the cutting edge of custom work and we have a huge selection of flash to choose from.  

We're here to help the public receive a clean & comfortable tattoo, as well as to teach our clients about our high standards and aftercare.

We do not make appointments over the phone.. You must come in and give a deposit to set an appointment.

Studio Etiquette

At the counter: Don't touch your fresh tattoos (even if they are healed) as you may spread bacteria to the studio’s common areas thereby endangering both staff and fellow patrons.

In the tattoo area: Allow your tattooist to direct you to an area where personal belongings may be placed BEFORE setting anything down.You are allowed to bring someone back with you for company/support but please no more than one person at a time. Camera flashes can be very distracting during the performance of a tattoo, so please check with your tattooist before taking pictures.

Please turn off your cell phone while on the studio floor.

In the restroom: Please wash your hands, its the first step in helping us keep the studio clean.

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Marks of Art

3014 Union Ave.

San Jose, CA. 95124


Mon-Sat 11a-12a

Sunday 11a-10p